Lorrie Thomas Ross is a Web Marketing Expert, CEO, Author and Speaker.
Marketing’s true meaning is maximizing relationships. Marketing success is NOT due to tools like websites, blogs, ads, or social media, it’s HOW the marketing tools are used to connect with customers – the art and science or marketing needs to be bridged with heart to sell products and/or services. Healthy Marketing = Results. Known as The Marketing Therapist®, this Wild Web Woman® empowers her session attendees, students and clients to tap the power of the wild, wild web. Learn More

About Lorrie Thomas Ross, M.A.

Whether she’s called The Marketing Therapist® or Wild Web Woman®, when you break down her work as an advisor, speaker, trainer and agency lead, the core distinction is using online tools strategically to make meaningful relationships. As a she-geek with super relationship savvy, her craft brings the heart of marketing to organizations who are "in it to win it". Learn More »

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The 36-Hour Course to Online Marketing takes Lorrie’s decade-plus of expertise and breaks it down into 12 easy-to-apply chapters. Whether you are a small business owner, corporate marketing professional, student or web developer, this book can help you learn new ways to put the web to work to brand, build and boost business. Learn More »