Meet Lorrie Thomas Ross, The Marketing Therapist®

There are no "shoulds" with web marketing, only "coulds". Every business is different, so every approach must vary. It is not about adopting web marketing tools, it is about adapting and choosing the right tools (in the right order!) based on goals, history and resources.

Lorrie spent years in online sales and marketing. When she saw her small business workshop students making BIG impacts faster and smarter than the corporations she worked at, she knew she had to put her focus where it mattered - advising, teaching, speaking, writing and running an agency focused on supporting small and mid-sized businesses. Larger corporations hire Lorrie (under NDA since they don't want to admit they need help!) to conduct marketing audits and train employees. Today, Lorrie is the CEO and The Marketing Therapist® of Web Marketing Therapy®, a boutique marketing agency and web marketing training company. She developed a healthy success-backed system for web marketing that helps diagnose needs, prescribe the right next steps and continually guide companies as a virtual marketing support team. Lorrie is hired to give educational and motivational talks at conferences to empower attendees and help catapult smart marketing steps.

Having a website does not mean that you are engaged in web marketing. Savvy web marketing comes from sound strategy, continual optimization, tracking and creativity. This is an ongoing process, it requires commitment and work, but once you get the hang of it, it pays off!

-- Lorrie Thomas Ross, The Marketing Therapist®

Lorrie Thomas Ross, M.A., The Marketing Therapist®, is a marketing strategist, educator, writer, web marketing expert, speaker and author of The 36-Hour Course to Online Marketing (McGraw Hill). She has online marketing and branding courses on lynda.com. Lorrie launched a consultancy in 2005 focused on Making Small Businesses BIG with the Web!®. Organizations bring her on as an expert advisor to get their web marketing on the fast track for success.

In 2009, when her "one wild web woman show" consultancy wasn’t big enough to serve multiple clients, Lorrie launched Web Marketing Therapy®, a smart, fun, full-service marketing agency that diagnoses, prescribes and guides healthy marketing solutions. Her "wild web woman" (and men!) team serves small businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers - the common theme is all clients are passionate professionals committed to work that has significance (not industry specific). Web Marketing Therapy’s work ensures marketing treats the cause (vs band-aiding symptoms) so all marketing pieces click.

Whether Lorrie is teaching, speaking, offering one-on-one advisory or running her web marketing agency, her passion for marketing is contagious.

She teaches custom web marketing workshops for corporate and small businesses and also teaches web marketing courses through UC Berkeley Extension. Ms. Thomas was on the founding team at ValueClick Media. She speaks nationally on a number of marketing-related topics and caters her presentations to the business, niche, skill sets and professional concerns of her attendees.

Her industry expertise encompasses developing web marketing strategy, optimizing websites, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, selling and buying online advertising and educating students and businesses on a variety of web marketing-related topics.

Lorrie speaks internationally and caters her presentations to the business, niche, skill sets and professional concerns of her attendees. Topics Include: Web Marketing, The Future of Marketing, Online Advertising, Marketing: Redefined, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Online PR and Developing Web Marketing Strategy. Lorrie Thomas Ross is a member of The National Speakers Association (NSA), the premier organization for professional speakers.

""Working hard does not mean working all the time" is one of Lorrie’s beliefs. She values time offline with her husband, daughter, friends and family... preferably outside... over a great meal... with a great glass of wine (ok, more than one) and dessert... unplugged... to recharge.