Web Marketing Expert Advisory

Lorrie Thomas Ross, MA is The Marketing Therapist® and CEO of Web Marketing Therapy®, a full-service marketing agency and education company. She has been in the wild web world since 1999 and was on the founding team of ValueClick Media. She is hired to work one-on-one with organizations in need of expert advisory to marry the art and science of web marketing for long-term strategic success. She can be booked for consultations, speaking engagements or custom training.

Lorrie started her own business when she saw students (small business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals) from her university workshops gain huge results, while her corporate employers were moving at molasses speed. She wanted to work that was meaningful and mattered and to use her expertise to help companies. Deciding to focus on serving small organizations who were "in it to win it" she made it her focus to "Make Small Businesses BIG with the Web®", and has been getting her clients great results for years.

After years of saving small business owners, entrepreneurs, organizations and start ups from being dangers to themselves and others with unhealthy marketing habits, Lorrie realized she was doing more "marketing therapy" work than typical consulting - the power of her work was making companies healthy and wealthy. Lorrie Thomas bought the domain www.webmarketingtherapy.com in late 2005 "just because". Her full-service web marketing agency launched in March 2009. Lorrie developed a success-backed system for web marketing success that is employed through her web marketing agency.

A big part of what Lorrie Thomas Ross, The Marketing Therapist® and the "Wild Web Woman" agency at Web Marketing Therapy® do is listen to their clients to understand their organization, goals, wants, revenue opportunities to prescribe expert solutions to get organizations on the right foundation to build, grow and thrive. Until professionals are willing to uncover various marketing ailments that afflict them, whether it’s marketing overwhelm and frustration or dysfunctional partnerships with vendors, they cannot truly heal their marketing for sustainable health. Web marketing is a commitment – when professionals are ready to make it work, then she is happy to serve them.

Lorrie and her team of she-geeks at Web Marketing Therapy noticed a pattern of people approaching them because they were sick and tired of being victims of consultants (or should we say insult-ants?), fly-by-night internet marketing firms, or "web marketers" that put on quick band-aids for symptoms without addressing the true marketing causes. Healthy Marketing = Wealthy Organizations® is Lorrie’s trademark and she will only work with passionate professionals ready to invest in their long-term success.

Once Lorrie began being regularly referred to as a "Marketing Therapist", there was no turning back. There is truly a need for a healthy and holistic approach to web marketing.

Lorrie Thomas Ross holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Management. Her book, The 36-Hour Course to Online Marketing (McGraw Hill) is a must-read. You can read more about Lorrie’s professional background on Linkedin.com.

Lorrie Thomas Ross can be booked for phone or one-on-one consulting appointments or you can learn more about the expert web marketing agency team at www.webmarketingtherapy.com.