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Lorrie Thomas Ross, M.A. is a speaker, trainer, marketing expert and CEO of Web Marketing Therapy®, a marketing agency and training company that diagnoses, prescribes and guides healthy marketing solutions. Her expertise empowers organizations to create scalable web solutions that brand, build and boost business.

Lorrie teaches workshops for corporations and through UC Berkeley Extension, was on the founding team at ValueClick Media and speaks nationally on a number of marketing-related topics and writes for several online publications. Her book, The 36 Hour Course to Online Marketing (McGraw-Hill) is a must-read. She has been featured in the media as a web marketing expert by publications like INC Magazine, Forbes, SUCCESS Magazine, The Associated Press, eCommerce Times, Entrepreneur, DM News and Tech News World.

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September 8, 2014. Lorrie Thomas Ross shares tips and inspiration during her interview "The Presence of Markeding®" on Women of Presence Grow Your Success series. "When you determine what your audience needs to understand, your best content easily pours out." - Lorrie Thomas Ross.
August 25, 2014. Lorrie Thomas Ross interviewed about ReachLocal’s business and market value in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal.
July 31, 2014. Lorrie Thomas Ross' quote is featured in The Woman's Advantage® 2015 Shared Wisdom Calendar. Her quote, "When you approach challenging situations from a place of love, solutions emerge" will be appear on April 13, 2015 of the daily calendar.
July 30, 2014. Lorrie Ross interviewed by Followup.cc about her career in web marketing in Interview with Lynda.com’s Marketing Guru.
July 15, 2014. Web Marketing Therapy, Inc.'s Katherine Garcia tells her story of how she landed a job with Lorrie Thomas Ross in her article "Sending out a Résumé is Not Enough Anymore".
June 9, 2014. Marketing expert and author, Lorrie Thomas Ross, was quoted in YP Advertising Solutions article "6 Ways to Maximize Your Marketing Budget". Read the article and learn strategies to help make the most out of your marketing budget. Read full article
July 2014. Thomas Ross quoted in the Jewelers' Circular Keystone (JCK) Industry Best Practices Direct Connect article on social media for independent jewelry retailers.
May/June 2014. Ross interviewed in an article about getting the most out of trade shows and talks about social media’s role. Read full article
May 30, 2014. Lorrie Thomas Ross, CEO of WMT was quoted by Dice in their article titled, "Why You Should Be Using the Social Web Right Now." The article highlights Ross' expert tips on the dos and don'ts of blogging and tweeting. Read full article
May 6, 2014. Interviewed by Profnet, The Expert Connection of PR on Tips for Creating Successful Infographics. Read full article
April 24, 2014. Lorrie Thomas Ross, CEO of Web Marketing Therapy®, Inc. is named as a Finalist for 2014 Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards. Read full article.
April 22, 2014. National web marketing expert and author of The 36-Hour Course to Online Marketing, Lorrie Thomas Ross was interviewed by the Sioux Falls Business Journal for an article titled "Marketing campaign urges fliers to share stories." Ross said, "Businesses today no longer can afford to ignore social media because their customers are likely to be commenting and posting things about them online." Read full article.
April 17, 2014. Trend Hunter features an educational marketing video with Lorrie Thomas Ross, aka the Marketing Therapist ®. Watch her marketing video that was presented at Missouri State University in "40 Speeches on Client Relations." Read full article.
April 16, 2014. WMT’s CEO Lorrie Thomas Ross, was quoted in Business News Daily article "5 Changes That Will Take Your Career to the Next Level". Read the article and learn tips to help achieve career goals. Read full article.
April 1, 2014. Lorrie Thomas Ross, CEO of WMT was quoted by Zapier in their article titled, "11 Ways to Win Your Customers' Hearts with Humor." The article highlights Ross' expert tips on the importance of building relationships with clients. Read full article.
March 13, 2014. Lorrie Thomas Ross was featured in the Independent about her presentation titled Making Meaningful Social Media Connections for Powerful Results. Ross says, "There’s a social media revolution underway and communicators cannot afford to NOT understand the tools and best practices to tap the power of social media." Read full article.
November 27, 2013. Social Media expert, Lorrie Thomas Ross, weighs in on the Yahoo! Mujer article, "Rejected on Facebook: Why Does it Hurt so Much"? The Spanish article shares how relationships on social media platforms such as Facebook feel just as intense (or more) like in real life. Read full article.
November 18, 2013. Marketing Expert Lorrie Thomas Ross was quoted in this Custom Connections piece by MJSA on the topic of Marketing Custom Jewelry Online. Download Full Article.

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