Web Marketing Speaking Testimonials


Lorrie Thomas Ross presented ‘Healthy Marketing = Wealthy Organizations®’ at Explore Gwinnett’s Gwinnett Tourism Awareness Program. It was a fast paced, information packed, two-hour session that seemed more like 30 minutes. Comments from attendees were 100% positive. Lorrie is the consummate professional; and working with her and her staff was delightful from beginning to end. We look forward to having Lorrie back in 2015 to speak to our hospitality organization."

Linda Murphy, Educational Director, Explore Gwinnett

"Thank you Lorrie—your presentation was excellent, and everyone was buzzing with the insights you gave them. They loved the personal touches you put in your speech, it showed you really made it a priority to understood our niche. Thanks showing our attendees what they need to do to improve their business with web marketing as well as where they currently are succeeding. Your talk was educational, entertaining and inspiring. The handout you made after your talk as an added bonus that we could send to everyone was very appreciated."

Erin Slonaker, SOHO Publishing

"Montecito Bank & Trust has used Lorrie as a speaker at our business events 3 years in a row. She is a pleasure to work with, always professional and we so appreciate how she carefully prepares custom presentations depending on the audience. Our attendees always walk away feeling like she has passed her infinite web marketing wisdom onto them, and are eager to take her ideas back to the office!"

Jamie Gilles AVP/ Community Outreach & Events Manager, Montecito Bank & Trust

"In a word, Lorrie is ‘fantastic.’ My first contact with her was when she agreed to speak via conference call to my senior-level e-business class at Missouri State University. She was professional, knowledgeable, informative, and most importantly (for a class of 30+ university students) extremely engaging. The result was that my students were quite appreciative and complimentary of Lorrie’s time with us. As a result of this positive experience, I nominated Lorrie to serve as a speaker at Missouri State’s annual Public Affairs Conference. Ultimately, she was selected to be one of the program's keynote speakers. All involved agreed with my assessment of Lorrie. All she had to say, whether in her keynote address ("MarkEDing®: Why Educating Clients and Customers is the Future of Marketing") or during the panels on which she served was right on target. I’m told by the conference planners that Lorrie not only met, but greatly exceeded their expectations. In summary, I highly recommend Lorrie as a speaker on e-marketing topics. I can assure you that she will be delightfully informative."

James B. Pettijohn, PhD Emeritus Professor of Finance & E-Business Missouri State University

"I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was by your presentation(s) and Q&A at the NACS Show. Your time was not an easy timeslot, but the attendance and energy in the room was excellent (a tribute to your topic and credentials)! Your insights and answers were extremely candid, informative and humorous all at the same time. To many, this is an emerging area and full of unknowns. Your specific and real examples of how companies can use the web to their advantage (or disadvantage) were outstanding and everyone walked away with at least one thing they can implement at home. It is evident that you have a passion for this topic and your presentation was reflective of that. It was an honor and pleasure to work with you."

Lesley Saitta, Impact 21 Group, LLC

"Lorrie was a wonderful speaker to work with from the get-go. She partnered with us to come up with custom sessions specific to our attendees’ needs and prepared each presentation with case studies specific to our industry to educate and make the web marketing material relevant. When Lorrie emerged as a speaker candidate for a session scheduled at the same time as the one she was booked for, she quickly sent us a recommendation for another speaker - that’s professional speaker service!

Lorrie had attendees attend our event specifically to attend her night school session and received rave reviews that included comments on how relevant and applicable her web marketing expert advice was. We received 100% excellent rating for Lorrie in our night school session, which is a very tough time slot in our program, since attendees have been in sessions all day. Lorrie Thomas is an engaging and educational speaker who added great value to our event. We will work with her in the future."

Stephanie A. Fisher, CMP Education Director PMA

"BSG secured Lorrie Thomas as a Keynote Speaker for our Annual Customer Appreciation Conference. Lorrie is energetic, engaging and clearly an expert in the web marketing field. Our diverse customer base found Lorries Wild, Wild Web presentation to be most informative. Not only did she present at our main session, but she also took the time to meet with our customers individually, in smaller group sessions as well as attend our social events.

It was truly a pleasure to work with Lorrie and her staff prior to our event. She coordinated with us on an ongoing basis to ensure that the presentation would exceed our expectations. I, as well as others from BSG, really enjoyed working with Lorrie and her team and would highly recommend her to any business."

Sharon Gallardo, Sr. Marketing Manager BSG Clearing Solutions

"Lorrie Thomas is a strong communicator and an energetic speaker. She possesses a great talent for educating a non-technical audience about potentially complicated, technical topics. She’s extremely professional and very easy to work with."

Victoria Backer, SVP, Member Services United Fresh Produce Association

"Lorrie is an excellent speaker, and we highly recommend her. She is full of energy, good ideas, and a positive attitude. Behind her engaging presentation is a wealth of knowledge and experience that enables her to answer even the toughest follow-up questions with ease. Perhaps her best skill is her ability to communicate complex search engine optimization concepts to a wide variety of audiences. Everyone can benefit from the training she provides, from people with almost no technical experience to those who are experts in information technology. Hiring Lorrie was a wonderful investment for us, both in terms of the value she brought to our organization and in terms of the enthusiastic support that she continues to offer us."

Janet Niblock, Executive Director George Mason University Office of Continuing Education

"You always know you hit a home run with your keynote speaker when the chatter after their talk is about how they are going to run back to their offices and implement the key components of what was talked about. Lorrie hit a grand slam with her Web Marketing presentation to our group, so much so I do not think anyone in attendance has the same web presence as they did the day she spoke. If you haven’t booked her yet, do so NOW; your small business will be BIG over night."

Trygve Duryea, Chief Knowledge Officer, THE LEADERSHIP GROUP

"I asked Lorrie Thomas to provide a presentation to our sales team during our annual company meetings. The room of about 25 included media salespeople and at all levels of experience, along with members of the IT department and a few other departments who sat in. Some had only sold print. Some were brand new to media in general. Lorrie’s excitement for the medium was contagious. She invigorated && educated our team. Being able to provide real value to both serious geeks and online sales newbies all in the same presentation was a very tall order and she just... nailed it! I am confident that her presentation will translate into higher sales numbers at our company. Lorrie takes the mystery out of online marketing. I would recommend Lorrie Thomas to any size organization or any company type without hesitation."

Julie Tinney, VP, Sales and Marketing Wells Publishing, Inc., San Diego, CA

"Lorrie, thank you so much for presenting at our seminar last month. All of our attendees raved about how your session, Internet Marketing for Tax Problem Resolution Practitioners, will help bring them more business than they could ever imagine!"

Lawrence M. Lawler, CPA, CTRS, National Director American Society of Tax Problem Solvers

"Brilliant, creative, practical plus she has a lot of common-sense... these are just a few of the ways I would describe Lorrie Thomas. Lorrie's critiques and comments are the highlight of my program on "Effective Seminar Marketing." Panel discussions, class participation, one-to-one advising, extemporaneous presentations, networking luncheons... she does it all. I recommend her to you without any reservations!

Ralph Elliot, Ph.D. Effective Seminar/Conference Marketing


Antioch University Santa Barbara hired Lorrie Thomas Ross and her firm, Web Marketing Therapy Inc. for marketing advice and support. Their marketing plan ideas triggered an online campaign featuring student stories that became the theme for ongoing print advertisements. Their work went beyond web work. Their PR team brought the media (TV, radio, publications) to cover the Inauguration of our new President Dr. Nancy Leffert as well as highlight our new location's ribbon cutting event. They focus on healthy advice and support that helps get organizations on the right path. Having them fill in puzzle pieces and leave a foundation that we could manage internally was exactly what we needed.

Guy Smith, Chair, BA Program
Antioch University Santa Barbara

I refer to Lorrie Thomas Ross as my Web Marketing Therapist and she has stayed on task, on budget and on message throughout our working relationship. Lorrie thinks outside of the box, becomes entrenched in all my marketing on and offline, holds me accountable and offers solutions where I didn’t even know I had an issue! Isn’t that what (Web Marketing) Therapy is all about? As a solo entrepreneur, Lorrie's savvy counsel and personal connection are important to me, plus she is just plain fun to work with! As a result, CastCoverZ! has moved to the next level... a solid business with a tight message and SALES, SALES, SALES!

Annette d. Giacomazzi, Founder and Owner

With the help of Lorrie Thomas Ross and Web Marketing Therapy, Inc., my business, Calla Gold Jewelry has made a determined effort to use every digital means available to extend the visibility of her business, far beyond my base in Santa Barbara, California.

Lorrie Thomas Ross is a believer in the maxim, "Tell them, tell them what you told them, and tell them one more time." She advised me on my internet strategy and has helped sharpen my communications online to convey my long-time unique identities, including being a "Personal Jeweler" and a "Jeweler without Wallsquot; who meets clients at homes or offices. (I do not have a storefront.)

Learn more about how Calla Gold achieved her Marketing Goals in an article where Calla quotes Lorrie's work which has supported the growth of her business.

Calla Gold, Owner and Personal Jeweler
Calla Gold Jewelry

Lorrie Thomas leads a team on the cutting edge of Web Marketers. US Capital Partners has been working exclusively with LTWM for over 18 months now and we are seeing exponential increases in our web presence as well as first class print, radio, and other media coverage. We started with them focusing on the branding of our investment banking division, US Capital Partners, and Lending division Breakwater Investment Management. LTWM did an excellent job refocusing our marketing message for each group. Then they were instrumental in the redesign and execution of our web site. Our website is now cutting edge, client effective, and search friendly.

Lorrie and her team then proceeded to leverage our unique small cap businesses lending message. They have used their promotional expertise by arranging interviews for us with leading industry media as well as repurposing this content for web distribution either directly or on our redesigned web site. Lorrie and her group are respected, long term partners in our ongoing web and general marketing program."

Jeffrey Sweeney, Managing Director
US Capital Partners, Inc.

"Any business today that has an internet presence or is buying online advertising media can not afford not to hire a person as dedicated and loyal to her profession and as RESULTS DRIVEN like Lorrie Thomas and her company. We are so lucky to have her working with us. She is a results proven individual, who takes full ownership and responsibility for what she is hired for and can manage and oversee client’s Internet strategy all at once, much like a quarterback does with a football team.

There are a lot of so called ‘SEO or web marketing experts out there’, but in my over decade of experience with dealing with many of the other ‘experts’, Lorrie Thomas stands head and shoulders above them all, bar none!

I have kept her on as our ‘go-to’ person for anything web marketing related. She is truly a pleasure to work for and a consummate professional.

Lorrie Thomas and her company are the ‘emergency’ room for businesses that want to lower online cost per acquisition, increase lead volume, but more importantly increase lead conversion. I love Lorrie’s follow-up and follow through style. Most consultants you are always ‘chasing’ them for one thing or another. With Ms. Thomas, it’s just the opposite! She’s relentless in her style.

I am very proud to have Lorrie Thomas and her company working with us and would recommend her to anyone who REALLY wants to increase their web presence and generate more money."

Michael A. Rozbruch, Founder and CEO
Michael Rozbruch's Tax and Business Solutions Academy
Tax Resolution Services, Co.

"My business skyrocketed almost immediately upon hiring Lorrie. For three years, I struggled on my own to figure out how to use the web to promote my business and I wasted thousands of dollars. I truly believe that working with Lorrie has saved me thousands and my revenue this year has increased by 40% over last year (and the year isn’t over!!!). In the past five months of working with Lorrie, I have a new state of the art website, one of the most popular law school advice blogs in the nation (which costs me absolutely nothing to run and was all Lorrie’s idea), a company managing my PPC campaigns and SEO, and a host of ideas and dreams that I know Lorrie will help me put into place in the coming months. I plan to continue to benefit from Lorrie’s expertise as long as I am in business.

Let me also say this - Lorrie is more than an expert. She is a powerful, dynamic, encouraging and positive business leader. She responds to all e-mails and calls immediately (she must work 24-7) and here’s the most important thing: She ‘gets’ my business and what I’m all about. Lorrie is also extremely ethical, emphathetic to cost concerns, and truly enjoys her clients. She makes this fun. Thank you so much, Lorrie!!!!"

Ann K. Levine, Esq.
Law School Expert and Law School Admissions Blog

"Radiant Organizing Working with Lorrie Thomas & her team has been a completely fantastic experience! Everyone is so professional, helpful and knowledgeable and most of all willing to help you with whatever situation presents itself. Lorrie’s team has overhauled my website to give me better placement on the web, as well as helped me understand marketing myself and how to really use the web to my advantage. I cannot say enough positive things about this team. If you are looking to boost your web presence as well as market yourself to bigger & better audiences, then LTWM is your team to work with."

Sara Caputo, MA
Productivity & Organizing Consultant & Trainer
Radiant Organizing

"You better be ready to move forward with your plans when you hire Lorrie Thomas. She is a dynamo! At our first meeting she asked me specific questions about my business, how I wanted it to grow and what I wanted it to become. After implementing her initial optimization plans I saw immediate results. Her enthusiasm is genuine and infectious. She is more then just an optimizer, she is a savvy business woman and marketing expert. I have enjoyed working with her immensely. I would highly recommend her."

Roxanne Zbinden, Santa Barbara Day Spa Owner
Cielo Spa Boutique

"We worked with Lorrie Thomas to evaluate and optimize the performance of our website www.livingreen.com. We found it a very informative and valuable experience to work with such a quality professional. Lorrie was engaging, efficient, well-versed in the field, and willing to go the extra mile to help set us up for as much improvement as we could handle. I would happily recommend Lorrie's services to any business or individual interested in finding out how to maintain a viable presence in the website world."

Ellen Strickland, Owner
Livingreen Store and Gallery

"Lorrie provided excellent project management for our recently developed web based survey tool. From RFP’s to contract negotiation Lorrie exceeded our expectations with professional and timely responses to all our project needs. Lorrie’s access to superior solution providers and her wealth of knowledge in the workings of the web added value at every step in the project. We accomplished our objective on time and within budget all thanks to Lorrie Thomas Web Marketing."

Vincent E. Choate, Director of Marketing
Hollandia Produce / Live Gourmet

"Lorrie is a tremendously talented and versatile online marketer. Her customer acquisition skills, in particular, are top notch. Highly recommended.

Harry Joiner, President